Ensuring your power system functions at the top of its game has never been more simple. Equipped with more than four decades of hands-on experience, Wizard Electric is more than ready to get to the bottom of whatever electrical issue troubles your home or business. Safely assessing every outlet, switch, and circuit, we diagnose and resolve complications so you can enjoy peace of mind.

World-Class Electrical System Interventions

So the lights flicker sometimes. So an outlet doesn’t work any more. Is it really a big deal? The answer is absolutely yes. There is no such thing as “minor” electrical issue — not when there’s live current in the picture. Don’t write off an issue or assume things will be fine. Instead, contact our respectful professionals for an efficient, thorough assessment. We offer emergency services as well as our regular ones so we can be on-the-spot for you at any time. We proudly serve Yolo, Napa, Solano, and Contra Costa counties, so get in touch today.

Let Us Keep You Safe

Each and every component in your power system must do its part, and if one or two have failed, now is the time to resolve the issue. Trained for safety and excellence in both residential and commercial settings, our team utilizes top-notch methods and equipment to safely identify whatever is going on and resolve it effectively. Our commitment to you has earned us a Diamond Certification, so trust your property to us. We won’t let you down.