Main Electrical Panels

For us, circuit breakers are functional works of art. Let us keep yours at the top of its game. Equally comfortable in commercial settings as we are in residential ones, our Diamond-Certified team makes it easy for property owners like you to stay safe while enjoying the benefits of electricity. We understand that you depend on consistent power in your home or business, which is why we offer both regular and emergency solutions. Contact us in Yolo, Napa, Solano, and Contra Costa counties any time.

Power Solutions Done Right

Just as dangerous as they are helpful, electrical panels play an important role in the function of your property. We’ve been servicing electrical panels since 1987, so we’ve had a chance to see the technology improve. We’re also intimately familiar with California electrical codes. Most importantly, we’re passionate about serving our clients on an elevated level. To put it more simply, we’re the no-brainer solution to power situations of any kind.

Emphasizing communication while going the distance to earn your trust, our respectful technicians are certified and vigorously trained to be able to handle electrical systems of all scales and complexities. We love a good challenge, and won’t quit until we know you’re set up for years of benefit thanks to our workmanship.

Contact Us Today

Whether it’s a brand new home in need of its first electrical panel or a preexisting model that’s outdated and making you nervous, the solution is as easy as calling Wizard Electric. Armed with more than four decades of experience, we install, troubleshoot, and resolve electrical systems of all makes and models. Tell us what you need today, and we’ll take care of the rest.