Plugs & Switches

As features you use every day, plugs and switches need to be safe and easy to operate. We’ve worked with electrical systems since 1978, so we understand the importance of getting every detail right and up to code. Our workmanship is trusted by both home and business owners across Yolo, Solano, Napa, and Contra Costa counties, and we’d love to serve you.

Practical Power Solutions

Offering unparalleled attention to detail, Wizard Electric makes it easy to access power when, how, and where you need it most. Whether you have a brand new build that needs its first plugs and switches, or you’re tired of worrying about when 50 year-old components in your preexisting system might fail, we provide practical, long-lasting solutions that you can trust.

We’ve worked with electrical systems for more than 40 years, so we’ve seen the technology change and improve. We’ve also seen what hasn’t changed — things like the importance of care, transparency, and high standards. Your safety depends on our workmanship, and we go above and beyond so you never have to worry. When you need the job done right, there’s no doubt that we’re the team to call.

California’s Most Committed Electricians

We’ve had the privilege of working on massive electrical projects as well as small ones. No matter the size of the task, we bring the same commitment to excellence because it’s what you deserve. We never forget that people are most important, and everything we do is aimed at making your life safer, more comfortable, and less stressful. Get in touch any time to learn more.

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