Code Upgrades / Corrections

It’s never been easier to keep your electrical system up to code (or better). Leveraging more than 40 years of experience with California’s electrical codes, we keep upgrades affordable and convenient without sacrificing excellence. We’re committed to protecting anyone who uses the electrical systems we touch, and you can bet we check every box at least twice before calling it good. We offer electrical services to Yolo, Napa, Solano, and Contra Costa counties, so let us serve you today.

We Sweat the Details So You Don’t Have To

Whether you’re trying to sell a house and the inspector gave your electrical system a bad grade or you just want to keep your business safe, our convenient upgrades and corrections make life a breeze. We’ve worked on electrical systems since 1978, so we’ve gotten to see codes and technology change. We know California’s requirements backwards and forwards and use all of our creativity to transform your power system while keeping costs low.

The great news for many home and business owners is that it’s possible to keep their power systems safe and legal without completely rewiring them. When you choose us, our respectful team will thoroughly assess your system and be transparent about what it needs. After we’re finished with our work, we keep your project open until we have your approval. You’ll have no doubt that you’re experiencing a white-glove electrician experience.

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Electrical issues can feel like setbacks, especially if you’re in the middle of buying or selling a property. Let us help. We bring clarity, efficiency, and affordability so you can move forward with confidence. Tell us what you need today.

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